12 Dec 2012

29 Nov 2012

Week 11/38 - A Newly Motivated Hero

Looking at last week's journal, what have you changed so that you can improve your work?

As a team we changed the way we split up the workload in order to work more efficiently. Unfortunately, we were unable to complete the animation on time due to a number of reasons. We weren't motivated enough, we weren't disciplined enough. We didn't have the most efficient plan from the start, and I think this hindered progress. Despite all that has happened, I believe, without a doubt, that we could have completed the project on time. I intend to complete this, even if I'm doing it on my own.

How many hours have you animated this week?

Nowhere near enough

What did I accomplish this week?

Partially completed a few scenes. I intend to collect the other pieces of animaion my team mates completed and finish this project.

What did you learn this week?

I've learned a lot about team work. A lot.

What stopped me from doing more?

That infernal Playstation 3 and PS Vita

What will you do to make sure it never happens again?

I'm gonna need to manage my time better than I am now.

28 Nov 2012

Gesen is on Hiatus...again

There haven't been any updates in the last two weeks, due to a variety of issues.
I'm doing what I can, but there may not be any new pages for the next couple of weeks.

8 Nov 2012

Details on Chapter 5

Last week Gesen Chapter 4 finally concluded. Today sees the dawn of Gesen Chapter 5. But that's not all that's coming tomorrow. (Chapter 4 Spoilers)

7 Nov 2012

Gesen SCV: Until our next battle!

Soul Calibur V is a great game. It has an awesome character creation mode (which was the main reason why I got it) and I immediately began making Gesen characters on Soul V, so i'll be posting the custom characters here for a while and maybe have some sort of comparison or something. Some characters I've made are yet to make their appearance in Gesen, so I'll only upload characters who've already debuted in the comic.

Try and guess this week's bunch!

Alright, to be fair, half of the characters here are yet to be named, and one character hasn't officially appeared yet, but what did you think? Did they even slightly resemble their comic counterparts?
There'll be more coming soon!

25 Oct 2012

Week 6/38

Looking at last week's journal, what have you changed so that you can improve your work?

I try to make more efficient use of my time. When I am at college, I do things that I cannot do at home, and vice-versa.

How many hours have you animated this week?

6 hours

What did I accomplish this week?

I am working on animating a bear in flash, and lip-syncing in Maya.
I also got the oppourtunity to watch Persepolis in the cinema.

What did you learn this week?

Watching Persepolis showed me various things that can be done in 2D and with limited colour.

What stopped me from doing more?

I, myself stopped myself.

What will you do to make sure it never happens again?

I refuse to let it happen again.

21 Oct 2012

Gesen chapter 4 continues

After about 2 weeks, I finally managed to get the next page of Gesen up online.
Read it on Drunkduck or Mangabullet.
The choice is yours.

Also, work has begun on a much needed Cast page for Gesen, and the Drunkduck page has receieved some updated navigation buttons, including a link here.

I will begin working on the comicdish mirror soon, it's just that I have to resize all the pages so far again, just for comic dish. I haven't abandoned that mirror and it will be getting some attention soon.

4 Oct 2012

Week 4/38

Looking at last week's journal, what have you changed so that you can improve your work?

I have spent more time working on my work.

How many hours have you animated this week?

Around 5 hours

What did I accomplish this week?

I completed my section of the Cheese animation.

What did you learn this week?

I didn't really learn anything, I focussed on using techniques I've already learnt to complete the animation.

What stopped me from doing more?

Spent too much time working on other things.

What will you do to make sure it never happens again?

I will try using a timetable to make use of my time more efficiently.

My section is the first 8 seconds.

In terms of applying for university, so far I am strongly considering staying on at CONEL to go onto the Level 4 HND course.

30 Sep 2012

The Redesigning of Miku Sassuran

Seeing as the entire series has been rebooted, it's only natural for some of the characters to get redesigns, right. Basically, this may be the first of many posts about characters redesigns (it's likely that a lot of these will be members of the Izoku Clan.)
Anyway the first character who's been redesigned is Miku Sassuran. Below is her original design which was seen in the first edition of Gesen that went online.

Her appearance was very similar to that of Asuna Kyuno's, you could even argue that she just had a palette swap. So, Miku's been redesigned... this!
Her colour palette remains the same, however her jumper has changed to a polo-neck, she now has a utility belt/purse/whatever you want to call it, and the most noticeable change is the increased length of her hair.

13 Sep 2012

Week 1/38

How many hours have you animated this week?

So far about 3 hours

What did I accomplish this week?

I created my own reference material, and began animating a cartoon arm clicking in time to music.

What did you learn this week?

I started using the pencil tool.

What stopped me from doing more?

Spent too much time working on other things.

What will you do to make sure it never happens again?

I will try using a timetable to make use of my time more efficiently.

11 Sep 2012

Universal Update Scehdule

Starting next week, all mirrors of Gesen will have updates on Fridays, and all up to date.

18 Aug 2012

New Mirror

You can now read Gesen on
Due to the fact that this is the newest mirror, it's not as far into the story as Mangabullet or DrunkDuck, but I will probably try to make all 3 parallel at somepoint.
I hope to have a "Cast" page up soon on comicdish (and probably here too). I'm still unsure whether i should continue updating on deviantart or just reserve that for other kids of art. It can be really tedious having to manually post the links to the next and previous pages for each and every page.
Seeing as there's a new mirror I may make a third version of chapter covers specifically for ComicDish, but with other projects that will be announced soon, I doubt I will have time for making 3 different covers for the same chapter. I would still like to if I could.

You can check out how Gesen looks on Comicdish here, but it's still under construction XD.

3 Jul 2012

The Making of Gesen HD Collection

At long last, the Making of Gesen has been concluded with, admittedly, a rather abrupt conclusion. Because I've changed the method of each oage of chapter 4 so far, I talked about how the pages of chapter 3 were made, which all used the same method. The first page talks about pre-production, the second, the production itself and the final page talks about the post-production (or what little of it there is.)
There is also a page where the making of  Gesen can be found.

9 Jun 2012

Details on Chapter 4

It's been a while since the conclusion of Chapter 3, and part of the reason Chapter 4's taken a while to get started is that I had a bit of a writers block, however, I have Chapter 4 written out (mostly) and it has already begun on MangaBullet. Currently on DrunkDuck is the "Making Of Gesen" special, and so chpater 4 won't be beginning for another week or two. (meaning updates should be smoother over there.) The making of will be posted on here and possibly on DeviantArt in time, but for now I want to focus on making some progress.

Each chapter title has two different "versions", a DrunkDuck Version, and a MangaBullet Version, however the main (and only) difference was the colour scheme. The Drunkduck Version used all colours, whereas the MangBullet Version was limited to shades of blue. For the first time, two completely different drawings have been done for the two and here they are.

As you can see, the MangaBullet version still uses the limited palette, but the Drunkduck one features a character who will debut in the chapter, and also was drawn in the same style that Chapter 4 is being drawn in.

Yes, once again i'm experimenting with shading and lineart styles to try and see what sort of results I get. I'll probably talk about it more in the near future, but hopefully history won't repeat itself.

18 Apr 2012

Unreleased Chapter 2 Prototype to succeed A Traveller From the North

In the spirit of Non canonical chapters, an unreleased prototype of Chapter 2 (which is untitled, and only has 4 pages) will be next into the Non Canon Vault on DeviantArt. It's quite old, and I have no idea where exactly it was going, but it features the Southern Continent's screaming rooster (which will be appearing in the background of A Traveller From the North soon after Asuna reaches her destination.

Also Wanted Posters will be appearing in ATFTN, but I'll talk more about them when the time comes.

Below I've uploaded the Chapter Title Page and first Page of the never-before-seen Chapter. Remember, you saw it here first!!

15 Apr 2012

A traveller from the North and Cover Archives to be put on DeviantArt

Remember this?

It's the now non-canon Chapter 3: A traveller from the North. 
For archiving purposes the "entire" 12 or so pages of A Traveller From The North and the Cover Archives will be uploaded onto DeviantArt.

27 Mar 2012

At least one new Izoku Clan member confirmed

Hey all. It's been a while.

So first off to begin I will say that there will be no update this week, but hopefully (and I hate making promises like this, but I try to keep them) a triple update next Wednesday. Originally it would have been a double, due to the layout of the pages, but seeing as I won't be able to have a page done for this week I decided to merge the two.

Now, then, about the titular topic. Due to the changing of certain events in the story, the Izoku clan may be gaining a few new memebers - (one is definitely confirmed, but there may be a few more additions depending on certain factors. I don't want to reveal too much about this new Izoku, but what I will say is that he's extremely vicious and violent in nature. His name and weapon are yet unconfirmed, as is whether he has any sons or not.