30 Sep 2012

The Redesigning of Miku Sassuran

Seeing as the entire series has been rebooted, it's only natural for some of the characters to get redesigns, right. Basically, this may be the first of many posts about characters redesigns (it's likely that a lot of these will be members of the Izoku Clan.)
Anyway the first character who's been redesigned is Miku Sassuran. Below is her original design which was seen in the first edition of Gesen that went online.

Her appearance was very similar to that of Asuna Kyuno's, you could even argue that she just had a palette swap. So, Miku's been redesigned... this!
Her colour palette remains the same, however her jumper has changed to a polo-neck, she now has a utility belt/purse/whatever you want to call it, and the most noticeable change is the increased length of her hair.

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