29 Nov 2012

Week 11/38 - A Newly Motivated Hero

Looking at last week's journal, what have you changed so that you can improve your work?

As a team we changed the way we split up the workload in order to work more efficiently. Unfortunately, we were unable to complete the animation on time due to a number of reasons. We weren't motivated enough, we weren't disciplined enough. We didn't have the most efficient plan from the start, and I think this hindered progress. Despite all that has happened, I believe, without a doubt, that we could have completed the project on time. I intend to complete this, even if I'm doing it on my own.

How many hours have you animated this week?

Nowhere near enough

What did I accomplish this week?

Partially completed a few scenes. I intend to collect the other pieces of animaion my team mates completed and finish this project.

What did you learn this week?

I've learned a lot about team work. A lot.

What stopped me from doing more?

That infernal Playstation 3 and PS Vita

What will you do to make sure it never happens again?

I'm gonna need to manage my time better than I am now.

28 Nov 2012

Gesen is on Hiatus...again

There haven't been any updates in the last two weeks, due to a variety of issues.
I'm doing what I can, but there may not be any new pages for the next couple of weeks.

8 Nov 2012

Details on Chapter 5

Last week Gesen Chapter 4 finally concluded. Today sees the dawn of Gesen Chapter 5. But that's not all that's coming tomorrow. (Chapter 4 Spoilers)

7 Nov 2012

Gesen SCV: Until our next battle!

Soul Calibur V is a great game. It has an awesome character creation mode (which was the main reason why I got it) and I immediately began making Gesen characters on Soul V, so i'll be posting the custom characters here for a while and maybe have some sort of comparison or something. Some characters I've made are yet to make their appearance in Gesen, so I'll only upload characters who've already debuted in the comic.

Try and guess this week's bunch!

Alright, to be fair, half of the characters here are yet to be named, and one character hasn't officially appeared yet, but what did you think? Did they even slightly resemble their comic counterparts?
There'll be more coming soon!