18 Apr 2012

Unreleased Chapter 2 Prototype to succeed A Traveller From the North

In the spirit of Non canonical chapters, an unreleased prototype of Chapter 2 (which is untitled, and only has 4 pages) will be next into the Non Canon Vault on DeviantArt. It's quite old, and I have no idea where exactly it was going, but it features the Southern Continent's screaming rooster (which will be appearing in the background of A Traveller From the North soon after Asuna reaches her destination.

Also Wanted Posters will be appearing in ATFTN, but I'll talk more about them when the time comes.

Below I've uploaded the Chapter Title Page and first Page of the never-before-seen Chapter. Remember, you saw it here first!!

15 Apr 2012

A traveller from the North and Cover Archives to be put on DeviantArt

Remember this?

It's the now non-canon Chapter 3: A traveller from the North. 
For archiving purposes the "entire" 12 or so pages of A Traveller From The North and the Cover Archives will be uploaded onto DeviantArt.