20 Apr 2015

New Site

Well, this is it. I've reached the limits of what I would really like to do here on Wordpress website-wise, and will be migrating over to from here on. I am able to have all the comics on one blog, which should hopefully be easier to manage but in addition I will be able to upload actual comic pages there properly! As for this blog and the original Mecha Wars Blog, well, I have no plans to delete them, and will include links to the new site.

See you on the other side.

8 Jan 2015

Plans from here on

Well this time it really has been a while, hasn't it?
Seriously, the time has seriously flown. I've taken some time off making comics to work out some things, regarding the future of Gesen, Mecha Wars, Aerodura, and any additional future projects. Since pulling down the last incarnation of Gesen I've been trying to make sure the next version is the final version. For some reason, it's not as easy as I thought it would be. I'm having a variety of different ideas which contradict each other, and I don't want there to be alternate continuities of Gesen, because only one would be canon. So basically with Gesen, I still seem to be having quite a major writer's block. I'm making sure that when it relaunches, it will stay true to it's origins, but be fresh and exciting to read. For the time being, Gesen is on hiatus for an indefinite period of time.

However, while I haven't been getting anywhere with Gesen, I have been getting a lot of ideas regarding the Mecha Wars Main Series. So for the time being, that will be my main focus of comics.
So I apologise to those who were waiting for Gesen. Mecha Wars is not filler material in place of Gesen nor is it meant to substitue Gesen. In fact, at one point it was going to be the spiritual successor to Gesen, but kind of found its own footing as it's own series.

You can check out info about Mecha Wars on it's own blog here and you can read the first couple of pages of the first part of the Mecha Wars saga, Dawn of the Mecha now!

Further updates to Mecha Wars such as when it resumes uploading will be posted to the Mecha Wars blog.

7 Mar 2014

March '14

Well it's been about 10 years since my last post. Gesen has resumed updating, and Dawn of the Mecha should be launching (again) somepoint soon (like next week most likely).

I've been thinking about giving DOTM a different update schedule to that of Gesen, like fortnightly updates, but with more pages. I might try that out for a while and see how that works.

In the meantime, Gesen will still be out 1 page a week, however I might change the day I do that. I'll post any changes here as well as the comic sites.

Also, what sounds like a better name, Journey of Despair or Journey of Destiny? It's for the second part of the Mecha Wars saga. I'm gonna make this a poll on this blog and the Mecha Wars blog, so please vote (on one blog preferably). It'll be interesting to see what people think, and will probably affect my ultimate decision on a name,

2 Dec 2013

Gasp... can it be??!! An update!?!?!

Hello all. It's been a while since there was an  update. Things got a little crazy with Mecha Wars launching and then being pulled down shortly afterwards. There's a post on the Mecha Wars blog regarding why, but the  purpose of this post is to  explain the  delay of Gesen  and Mecha Wars.  I 've been facing several problems regarding my computer and am looking into getting a new one hopefully soon. Because of this all my comics are on hiatus for the rest of 2013. I'm sorry guys, but I'll be back.

26 Oct 2013

November 2013

Drunkduck or The Duck Webcomics is back, and likewise Gesen is up to date on the archives there. It will be updating on fridays simultaneously with ComicDish.

Gesen hasn't been updated for the last couple of weeks and I apologize for this, and reveal why. 
Next week Mecha Wars: The Last Crusade is finally beginning. I've been working on it for some time, working out the story and characters, and the time has come to finally begin to work on Mecha Wars. So as of Friday 1st November, you will be able to read The Last Crusade. At the moment it's only going to be on The Duck where it will be known as "The Last Crusade", but it may find it's way to other sites in time. 

Mecha Wars and Gesen will both be updating at 1 page a week after next week.

14 Sep 2013

Hiatus is over.

Ummm, I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but Gesen is updating again. Well, theres only three pages up right now, so it's not like i've been holding out or anything. At the moment Drunkduck is down, so you can only read it on Comicdish at the moment. I'll make a post when DrunkDuck is back online, because Gesen will continue as soon as the duck returns.

1 Jul 2013

Site Update: June

"Making of" page has been pulled down due to being out of date.
Characters page:
Misc section has been removed, for some characters the misc info has been merged with Bio or Personality.
Status has been removed to prevent potential spoilers.