26 Oct 2013

November 2013

Drunkduck or The Duck Webcomics is back, and likewise Gesen is up to date on the archives there. It will be updating on fridays simultaneously with ComicDish.

Gesen hasn't been updated for the last couple of weeks and I apologize for this, and reveal why. 
Next week Mecha Wars: The Last Crusade is finally beginning. I've been working on it for some time, working out the story and characters, and the time has come to finally begin to work on Mecha Wars. So as of Friday 1st November, you will be able to read The Last Crusade. At the moment it's only going to be on The Duck where it will be known as "The Last Crusade", but it may find it's way to other sites in time. 

Mecha Wars and Gesen will both be updating at 1 page a week after next week.

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