8 Nov 2012

Details on Chapter 5

Last week Gesen Chapter 4 finally concluded. Today sees the dawn of Gesen Chapter 5. But that's not all that's coming tomorrow. (Chapter 4 Spoilers)

Remember how chapter 2 ended and how chapter 3 began? There was a lapse from Gesen attempting to go Mach 1 to Gesen finding himself in a cave, and now that he's returned to Tokan only to find his teacher dead, it's likely there's a bit of confusion based on what we missed in the said time lapse. Chapter 5 will be answering those questions promptly.

As well as the first page of Chapter 5, quite a few pages of Chapter 4 have been patched and the patched versions will be released tomorrow with the start of chapter 5.
Patched Pages:
Chapter 4 Page 1
Chapter 4 Page 5

Chapter 4 Page 7
Chapter 4 Page 15
Chapter 4 Page 16
Chapter 4 Page 17
Chapter 4 Page 18

(more details as they're released)

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