18 Aug 2012

New Mirror

You can now read Gesen on
Due to the fact that this is the newest mirror, it's not as far into the story as Mangabullet or DrunkDuck, but I will probably try to make all 3 parallel at somepoint.
I hope to have a "Cast" page up soon on comicdish (and probably here too). I'm still unsure whether i should continue updating on deviantart or just reserve that for other kids of art. It can be really tedious having to manually post the links to the next and previous pages for each and every page.
Seeing as there's a new mirror I may make a third version of chapter covers specifically for ComicDish, but with other projects that will be announced soon, I doubt I will have time for making 3 different covers for the same chapter. I would still like to if I could.

You can check out how Gesen looks on Comicdish here, but it's still under construction XD.

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