12 Dec 2012

Gesen returns this week

After about a month of hiatus, Gesen will resume posting this friday.

There were a number of things that hindered progress, at several points I considered taking down the page that was already online and starting chapter 5 again, but I was able to overcome writers block once again.

Also, the Chapter 4 Patches are still coming. I'm just making sure everything that could be improved is being improved, so the intensity of the patches will vary on pages.

Chapter 2 is also going to be patched from page 8 onwards. I really wanted to change the way the pages looked. The backgrounds are likely to stay the same, but characters are going to have outlines. This is being done to make sure the archive quality is fairly consistent.

In other news, I have started a blog for my upcoming sci-fi comic, Mecha Wars! There isn't much on the blog just yet, but content will be added soon, and the comic will hopefully be beginning soon too!

Also, the characters page has been updated. For the characters who are already on there, updates where necessary have been made, and one new character has been added.

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