8 Jan 2013

Asuna's Hair Length... wait, who's Asuna?

So, a poll has gone up questioning you, the reader(s) whether or not Asuna should grow her hair longer.

All you need to do is tick yes or no, based on whether or not you believe she should let her hair get any longer.

Wait a minute... who is Asuna?!

If you've read chapter 4 of Gesen, you will have seen her already, though she has not yet revealed her name. My mistake entirely. I was going to edit the question to link to a picture of Asuna, but because the poll has already received votes (thanks for voting, by the way!) I can't edit it directly. Makes sense, so this post will hopefully remedy the situation here.
This young lady is Asuna. I have been told a couple of times that she looks like a boy. In an attempt to prevent more confusion I am considering a number of ways to alter her appearance to give her more femininity, such as increasing the length of her hair. I won't just randomly slap it into the next chapter she's in though, I would make sure to write it into the story properly.

Her hair here (<-) is how it is currently.
Here is how her hair would be at a more medium-sized length

If she decided to grow her hair very long it would probably look something like this.

All things considered, these aren't even the only hairstyles she could have. For now, however if you want Asuna's hair to say how it is, click "No" on the poll to the left, if you think she'd look better with longer hair (either one of the bottom two pictures) click "Yes"

Depending on results, I may have to hold additional polls to see what people think.

This poll closes at the end of the month.

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