24 Jan 2013

Gesen and Asuna are going to be redesigned...older?!

It has been nearly eight years since I initially started drawing Gesen. A lot of things were different when I first started, a lot of strong influences back then I no longer use, and I find myself being influenced by many different things.

One of the things I thought was cool at the time was having the main characters aged 12. It was more or less my age at the time, but, as the years have gone by, there are themes in Gesen I want to explore, which, admittedly, would be quite awkward seeing little kids go through.

I am in the process of redesigning Gesen and Asuna (they're the only 12 year olds left in the series) and they will now be aged 15. What I will be doing is redrawing already existing panels pages in which they appear, in other words, this is NOT another reboot. The story and their personalities will not be changing, only their age, and their appearance slightly.

Once chapter 5 is complete, there will be a hiatus in which chapters 2, 3 and 4 will be modified, and in some instances, some things may be rewritten slightly. It won't be anything major, but I will post here what changes will be made.

Of course, this will probably mean a lot of the artwork I've done will be innacurate... I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that yet.

Unfortunately this also means that my other series, Mecha Wars will be delayed for a lot longer. I have been considering setting it in the same universe as that of Gesen, meaning that Gesen will have to have been finished anyways before i can begin it. I want to put most of my effort into Gesen, and I don't want Mecha Wars to suffer because of this, so it won't be starting for a while. This also probably means the blog will be pulled down, if I can pull it down temporarily.

Hopefully, Chapter 5 should be ending with next weeks update.

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