27 Mar 2012

At least one new Izoku Clan member confirmed

Hey all. It's been a while.

So first off to begin I will say that there will be no update this week, but hopefully (and I hate making promises like this, but I try to keep them) a triple update next Wednesday. Originally it would have been a double, due to the layout of the pages, but seeing as I won't be able to have a page done for this week I decided to merge the two.

Now, then, about the titular topic. Due to the changing of certain events in the story, the Izoku clan may be gaining a few new memebers - (one is definitely confirmed, but there may be a few more additions depending on certain factors. I don't want to reveal too much about this new Izoku, but what I will say is that he's extremely vicious and violent in nature. His name and weapon are yet unconfirmed, as is whether he has any sons or not.

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