31 Dec 2011

Revamp Coming Soon

Let's be honest here, this blog hasn't gotten that much love. I originally planned to use it to post up comic pages, but due to not being able to archive it properly that won't be possible.

So, instead I decided this would serve as an "official blog", where I'd be using this as a sort of news site, but to be honest, there really isn't much that can be considered "news" without having spoilers, and this whole draft system isn't really that huge that it should become the main focus of the blog.

This blog will not die. It just needs to find a purpose (much like some of the characters of Gesen who have not been introduced.) All that "drafts" stuff will be merged into one page (because it really isn't that important).
I need to get some proper character pages and make this more of a database, almost a wiki, as it were.

Guess that's all for this update.

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