5 Dec 2011

DeviantArt Delayed, DrunkDuck Hiatus

In just over a month we are on hiatus again.
Basically the holidays are coming up... and before the holidays coursework has to be handed in. and for that to happen I need to take some time off Gesen. This hiatus will be over in around 2 weeks, hopefully that should be plenty of time for me to finish chapter 3 and start on 4. Hopefully.

In the next Drunkduck update I will announce the hiatus over there and hopefully have a sort of preview for Chapter 3 (I'm not making any promises.)
 Unfortunately this hiatus means that I'll have to push back the DeviantArt launch, also, but it's for the better.

Despite all this, updates on MangaBullet updates will continue as usual, mondays and fridays.

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