30 Nov 2011

MangaBullet Debut Tomorrow!

Tomorrow marks the first update for Gesen on a brand new site;!
Tomorrow's update will consist of a title page, and the first 5 Pages of Chapter 1: Departure. After that, updates will most likely be twice a week on Mondays and Fridays, meaning that on Friday Chapter 1 Page 6 will also be uploaded!

Contrary to something that has become almost a tradition, my username is NOT related to anything from the Gesen universe or any other of my characters. Instead, I decided to take the name of the very first Zone in Sonic CD, Palmtree Panic.

Sorry, DeviantArt users. I'll be uploading pages from next week. I'll update my journal entry within a couple of days with more info regarding uploading schedule and stuff. (

And of course, there's always drunkduck, which will be entering chapter 3 next week.

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