1 Feb 2013

(UPDATE) Welcome to the new age!

From here on, Gesen and Asuna have been redesigned. What are they going to look like? Find out, now!

(Updated section is in bold)

The common factor that's changed here is the age of the two of them. As of now they are aged 15/16 (I haven't decided yet a specific age)

Other than that they're obviously physically more developed, slightly taller and their hair is spikier. Asuna's hair is also a bit longer, something which it seems nay have been influenced  by a recent poll.

I wanted to change Gesen's complexion and give him a bit of a tan, but when I did this fans commented that I made him too dark, so I decided to leave him how he is.

So, how exactly are these redesigns going to be integrated into the manga? 

From chapter 6 onwards, several characters including Gesen and Asuna will have slight redesigns. I would have liked to have been able to redo former pages for consistency, but i'm going to write it off as development in style. After all, Chapter 2 looks quite differently to the rest of the comic, right? 

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