10 Jun 2013

A Fateful Roster

So A Fateful Encounter 2, the reason things have been pretty slow around here, is finally complete, and I thought I would post up the roster somewhere, and here seemed to be the best place.

Masked Indivivdual (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Michiko (Mecha Wars: The Journey of Despair)
Female Guardian (Gesen)
Canu Izoku (Gesen)
Blank Sassuran (Gesen)
Plant Infested Kaira (Mecha Wars: The Parasite of Evil)
Cunei Izoku (Gesen)
Dimitri Sassuran (Gesen)
Akihiro Atama (Dark Hero)
Kira Izoku (Gesen)
Cham Izoku (Gesen)
Hybrid Mecha (Mecha Wars: The End of Time)
Yuki (Dark Hero)
Terra (Gesen)
Cansis Izoku (Gesen)
Utako (Mecha Wars: The Journey of Despair)
Vanish Alterior (Mecha Wars: The Journey of Despair)
Young Kazura (Mecha Wars: The Last Crusade)
Gekkon (Gesen)
The Dark Mecha (Mecha Wars: The Last Crusade)
Edward (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Dark Gesen (Gesen)
Yuuka Satsuki (Dark Hero)
Chaos (Gesen)
Polydeuces (Dark Hero)
Kazura (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Kazushi Batora (Dark Hero)
Leon (Gesen)
Ace Starstrike (Gesen)
Koto (Gesen)
Toxic (Dark Hero)
Chayre Izoku (Gesen)
Bug (Gesen)
Omega Iwasaki (Dark Hero)
Melissa (Gesen)
Kid Pyro (Gesen)
Violet (Little Metal)
Jin Akani (Gesen)
Myka (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Kazumi Batora (Dark Hero)
Veronica (Little Metal)
Elysium (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Asuka Kyuno (Gesen)
The Last Mecha (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Sakuro (Mecha Wars: The Last Crusade)
Psythe (Dark Hero)
Petunia (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Axis Iwasaki (Dark Hero)
Kai Sokudo (Gesen)
Yuki (Dark Hero)
Omma (Dark Hero)
Lilia (Mecha Wars:The Last Crusade)
Sephi (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Iris Trinity (Dark Hero)
Little Metal (Little Metal)
Maya Falcon (Gesen)
Aero (Dark Hero)
Bas (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Yuko (Dark Hero)
Kunar Izoku (Gesen)
Kom (Gesen)
Yama (Dark Hero)
Korra Izoku (Gesen)
Carnotaur Izoku (Gesen)
Michiro Tsuke (Mecha Wars: The Last Crusade)
Aga (Gesen)
Box Boy (Little Metal)
Gesen Shatanori (Gesen)
Kaira Setsuki (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Asuna Kyuno (Gesen)
Zero Iwasaki (Dark Hero)
Volvost (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Brass (Little Metal)
Miku Sassuran (Gesen)
??? (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Lun Sokudo (Gesen)
Male Guardian (Gesen)

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