17 Mar 2013

Check out the new (and old) Gesen logo!

You may have notice it by now, but the official Gesen logo has been updated.
 It's been something I've wanted to do for a while now, and now, with the semi-reboot of Gesen I thought now would be a good time to update the logo.

This isn't the first time the Gesen logo has been changed, in fact (if you include before I put Gesen online) this is the third time the logo has changed, not counting redesigning the same image.

Here is the second version of the logo, the first one used online. It's also the first logo to use Maya's sword.

Basically a recolouring or rather, removal of colour from it's predecessor.
The text was aligned when Gesen was rebooted last year however it still suffered from the same problem as it's predecessor and semi-successor, which is why it's being replaced.

This version was used on several chapter covers of the ComicDish version of Gesen. It is the only logo to have been used simultaneously with it's predecessor.
And now we reach the present. As you can see, Maya's sword is no longer featured in the logo. This was the main aspect of the logo that needed to be changed, because the sword was often cut off when used in banners. I considered having the sword placed horizontally and the text engraved on the sword, but when it came to designing it it wasn't working. I knew that I wanted some sort of links to the characters, and so the S has an electrical font to represent [SPOILER]'s use of electricity, and the N is on fire to represent the kid in the black suit's use of fire power.

This logo will be used in artwork produced from now on, and will be used in chapter covers from Chapter 7 onwards.

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